The Omnia Assessment for Selection

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Employee selection with the Omnia behavioral assessmentHave you ever been blindsided by someone you thought was a perfect hire but turned out to be a total disaster? Or had the feeling you missed out on a great fit because you overlooked someone who was too quiet or shy? Get a sneak peek of a candidate’s natural job behaviors before investing valuable time, energy and money on follow up interviews, onboarding and training. The Omnia Assessment takes the guesswork out of employee selection saving you unnecessary frustration.  Read more>>>   Learn More

The Omnia behavioral assessment for hiringAre employees leaving faster than you can learn their last name?  

Hiring is tough enough – hiring for high volume, high turnover positions is like fighting a never-ending battle. Does is feel like you’re filling one seat only to have another vacated? It’s time to win the battle and move forward. The Omnia Target Report can help you get ahead, reduce turnover, increase retention and lower hiring costs.   Read More

Have you ever worked with someone and shown them how to do the same thing over and over again? To the point where you want to say, “I can show you how to do this, but I can’t understand it for you.”?

That’s probably the best real-world way to think of cognitive aptitude. It’s the ability to learn, judge and make decisions within the context of a given situation. We can all agree that’s a pretty important thing in most work scenarios. When it’s missing, well, you know what that’s like.  Read More

Job seeking and hiring has changed drastically due to the influence of recruitment marketing, social media, mobile capabilities, and video. By partnering with iCIMS, our customers will have access to dedicated tools for talent acquisition which are developed based on the trends of today’s hiring landscape.  Read More